Shincliffe Village drawing

Council meeting Thursday 16 September 6pm

September 10, 2021

Shincliffe Village drawing
Shincliffe Village drawing
Notice is hereby given that an Ordinary Meeting of Shincliffe Parish Council is to be held on Thursday 16 September 2021 at 6pm at St Mary’s Church Hall, Shincliffe Village, DH1 2ND for the purpose of transacting the following business.

1 Record of attendance
2 Apologies for absence
3 Declarations of interest and dispensation requests
4 Minutes of the Extraordinary Meeting of the Council on 24 July 2021
5 Public participation (please notify the Chairman or Clerk in advance)
6 County Councillor’s report
7 Planning applications received
8 Chairman’s update
9 Correspondence
10 Meeting of the Horticulture Committee on 18 August 2021. Recommendations:
That the council adopts a policy of encouraging adoption of verges by the community.
That the council holds a community litter-pick on 25 September.
That the council holds an “Autumn Tidy-Up” on the afternoon of 16 October.
11 Meeting of the Finance Committee on 7 September 2021. Recommendations:
That the council obtains a payment card from HSBC for smaller purchases.
That the council uses online banking with HSBC.
That the council uses Scribe for its accounting and finance.
That the council allows a virement of £500 from the footpaths & foliage budget and £500 from the garden awards budget into the horticulture budget, as all are essentially treated as one now.
12 Service level agreement with Durham County Council for HR services
13 Service level agreement with St Mary’s Church for use of the church hall
14 Benches (including play park)
15 Signage in Shincliffe Village play park
16 Byelaw regarding dogs in play park
17 RoSPA Play Safety Inspection Report
18 Notice boards
19 Terms and conditions of employment and advertising vacancy for Clerk to the Council
20 Traffic – Shincliffe Bank
21 Parish Survey
22 Hedges
23 Footpath linking Shincliffe Village and High Shincliffe

24 Motions on notice:
Motion 1: Climate emergency (Proposer: Cllr S Ashfield)
Shincliffe Parish Council resolves to:
1. in this year of COP26 add our voice to calls by the Local Government Association and the Association of Directors of Environment, Economy, Planning and Transport & others for a joint local & national government Task Force to plan action to reach ‘net zero’ emissions. Such a partnership can set appropriate regulations, benchmarks and targets and create the much-needed long-term funding mechanisms to enable local communities and economies to decarbonise whilst remaining resilient and sustainable.
2. write to Alok Sharma MP, President for COP26, the Prime Minister and the Leadership Board of the LGA informing them of our support for a joint Local/National Government Climate Change Partnership Taskforce and asking for one to be established as soon as possible.
Motion 2: Climate action
Council notes that:
Many local authorities are playing an important role in the UK taking action to achieve net zero carbon emissions, and to protect and revitalise local wildlife and natural habitats.
Parliament in May 2019 declared an Environment and Climate Emergency.
There is a Bill before Parliament—the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill (published as the “Climate and Ecology Bill”), which, if it became law, would require the government to develop a strategy to address the emergency that would ensure:
the ecological emergency is tackled shoulder to shoulder with the climate crisis in a joined-up approach;
the Paris Agreement is enshrined into law to ensure that UK does its real fair share to limit global temperature rise to the most stringent end of the Paris agreement -1.5°C.
the Leaders Pledge for Nature is enshrined into law to ensure that the UK’s ecosystems are protected and restored with a focus on biodiversity, soils and natural carbon sinks;
the UK takes full responsibility for our entire greenhouse gas footprint (ie consumption emissions plus shipping, flights and land-based transport) by accounting for all of the emissions that take place overseas to manufacture, transport and dispose of the goods and services we import and consume;
the UK takes full responsibility for our ecological footprint so that we protect health and resilience of ecosystems along both domestic and our global supply chains;
an independent, temporary Climate and Nature Assembly is set-up, representative of the UK’s population, to engage with the UK Parliament and UK Government to help develop the emergency strategy.
Council therefore resolves to:
1. Declare Climate and Ecological emergency
2. Support the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill;
3. Inform the local media of this decision;
4. Award resource to Shincliffe Parish Council climate action group;
5. Write an open letter to our MP and shared with our residents through local and social media urging them to sign up to support the Bill, or thanking them for doing so; and
6. Write to the CEE Bill Alliance, the organisers of the campaign for the Bill, expressing its support (

25 Other business (please notify the Chairman or Clerk in advance).
26 Date and time of next meeting