1. ‘Shincliffe – an illustrated history’ by John Stredwick
Shincliffe Local History Society (SLHS) has just published a reprint of  by John Stredwick. The author lived at High Shincliffe and published his booklet privately in 1975. Long out of print, Shincliffe Local History Society has been gifted the copyright and has published this reprint with notes to bring the original text up to date. Copies (52 pages, A5 paperback) are now available priced £3.50, see outlets below.

2.  ‘Housing & Health in Shincliffe 1873 – 1900’ by Robin Simpson, price £4.00 (79 pages, A5 paperback) describes the insanitary housing conditions, lack of sewerage and drainage, poor water supply, and insanitary milk producers both in the village and at Shincliffe Colliery.

3. ‘Whitwell Colliery – the history of mining & the community at Whitwell, Co. Durham’ by ET Hancock, price £5.50 (126 pages, A4 paperback) chronicles the development, working and living conditions and demise of the now vanished colliery and village just over the A1M from High Shincliffe.

4. ‘Houghall Isolation Hospital – the early years 1893-1900’ by Robin Simpson (41 pages, A5 paperback) priced at £2.50, describes the now vanished hospital.

SLHS has also for sale

5. ‘St. Mary the Virgin, Shincliffe – a commemorative history’ published by the Parochial Church Council in 2001 to mark the 150th anniversary of the consecration of the church, price £5.00 (32 pages, A4 paperback). This account, researched and written by the late Michael Lowes, shows how, from small beginnings in the Tithe Barn, the Church in Shincliffe grew and established itself in the community.

A further SLHS publication on the history of the Aged Mineworkers Houses at High Shincliffe A further SLHS publication on the history of the Aged Mineworkers Houses at High Shincliffe is under preparation.


SLHS publications are available from ‘Woodside Cottage’ (Village), 24 Hill Meadows, 8 Heathways and 25 Meldon Way. Also, look out for a SLHS sales table at community events. In case of queries email: slhspublish@btinternet.com